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Georgetown Counseling and Wellness is a multi-disciplinary  group counseling practice in Georgetown, TX. Using proven methods of mental health treatment, we strive to provide well-rounded and high-quality counseling services to children, adults, couples and families in the Georgetown and surrounding communities. Our goal is to partner with our clients to offer support and promote healing, personal growth and overall improved life satisfaction.

Counseling for the entire family, with a focus on treating a wide range of mental health issues across the lifespan. 


Anxiety has the affect of drawing a person into their inner world of worries, preventing life from being lived in the present moment. Relationships, jobs and general well-being are affected.  Anxiety impacts over 18% of the American population.  It is highly treatable though. 

Couples Therapy

Couples so often start out strong, building each other up and supporting each other's goals. Over time, life stressors and transitions can make it challenging to stay connected and feel heard and understood by each other. Whether it be commincation, conflict management, life transitions, or financial issues, we are here to help. 


Everyone feels sad and low sometimes, but when low mood is severe and persistant it can affect one's ability to be present for your loved ones, remain connected to supports and work toward life goals. Left untreated, it can affect self-esteem and confidence.  We help with that. 


Trauma can be large or small, due to relational or developmental conflicts, or witnessing or being a part of a disaster. Untreated trauma and the big feelings that rise and fall from it, can feel confusing and scary. It can make it difficult to stay connected to family and friends and not live in the past. There is hope. There are many proven treatments for trauma, and our therapists are skilled in treating trauma and helping to restore hope. 


Good relationships are at the core  of life satisfaction and well-being. When ongoing conflicts arise among family members or friends, or relationships feel boring or too intense, it can lead to confusion, self-blame and feelings of frustration, sadness and helplessness. The good news is that relationships can often be strengthened and repaired through shifts in perspective, communication skill-building, and conflict management skills.  

Adolescent Therapy

Many parents feel helpless and confused when witnessing their  struggling teen who is in pain. Adolescence is a pivotal time in life where there are huge shifts in identity, surges in creativity and a need to belong to a peer group. For some teens this is an easier transition, and for others it is harder. Some may have more outbursts, more anxiety or just bigger feelings in general that are hard for them to manage.  

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