Ellisa Mimlitsch, LCSW

Ellisa brings 11 years of counseling experience to her sessions, and has a warm and directive approach to counseling. Often bringing humor to her work with clients, Ellisa gets to know each client well, and meet each client where they "are" emotionally, physically and mentally. She works with clients on short-term and longer-term goals to increase life and relationship satisfaction, teach skills to diffuse emotional conflict and manage overwhelming feelings. Bringing care and compassion to each client, she is deeply committed to helping her clients shift old, worn-out habits and patterns and discover new ways to live with greater well-being.

 Ellisa has late afternoon and evening availability, and her specialties include:

  • Couple's Counseling: Ellisa helps clients learn how to manage conflict and arguments, and how to strengthen communication and feelings of connection. Using evidence-based practices, her sessions focus on helping couples make direct changes in how they listen and communicate with one another. She also gives "homework" for her couples to practice outside of session, increasing their feelings of success and positive, lasting change.

  • Older teens & young adult counseling: Ellisa has extensive experience with and enjoys working with the older teen (16+) and young adult population. She helps her clients transition to new phases of life, sort out family roles and conflicts, build new support systems and find hope and wellness amidst life changes and new challenges.

  • Adult child & parent relationships: When parents and adult children are experiencing a strained and distant relationship, they're often holding onto unresolved past hurts. Sometimes parents struggle to let their adult children be free to make their own choices, leading to power struggles and sometimes adult children don't feel heard or respected by their parents or in-laws.  Ellisa helps adults and their parents who struggle with  difficult relationships. She guides her clients toward the source of the hurts and misunderstandings, and combines communication tools, conflict resolution and acceptance to help families restore hope and move forward. 

  • Men's mental health: Ellisa helps men learn how to bridge their "logical" brain with their emotions, and learn skills to communicate more successfully with their partners. She also helps them learn to identify emotions, how to effectively manage and communicate emotions, and how to set healthy boundaries around work, relationships and leisure activities.

 Some other areas of particular interest and training are:

  • Depression, Anxiety and PTSD treatment for adults 18 and older.

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Therapy

  • Telehealth Counseling Services 

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  • Texas Counseling Association

  • Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

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