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Rebecca Briggs, LMFT offers counseling for children, teens and adults. She is trained in mindfullness, play therapy and counseling for depression, counseling for anxiety, parent-child relationships and grief and loss.
Accepting a limited number of new clients

Client Testimonials

"I had seen a therapist off & on for years with nothing to show for it. When I 1st saw Rebecca for almost 2 years, she helped me save me. I can never thank her enough for working with me." 

"Rebecca has helped me help myself. She does a great job, each session. Without her help, I would be in a bad place, and lost everything!!"

"I have been able to like myself, since working with Rebecca."

Rebecca Briggs, LMFT

Rebecca has a passion for working with children ages 6 and up, parents, teens, adults and families. She brings over eight years of clinical experience to her work with clients. Rebecca believes in a strengths-based, multi-modal approach that addresses each client’s individual needs, and has specialized training in family therapy, parent-child therapy and mindfulness interventions for youth.


In therapy, Rebecca integrates mindfulness techniques, art therapy and cognitive-behavioral approaches to help her clients create a healthier relationship with their emotions, find hope, and learn new tools to navigate through different relationships.


Rebecca uses play therapy with children to help them learn to navigate the waters of their emotions, learn tools to cope with feelings and communicate needs more effectively with caregivers. She helps parents better understand their child’s needs and works with them to reinforce the strategies their child has learned in sessions. Rebecca believes a team approach helps children to integrate tools they're learning and improve their experience in the world.

With adults, Rebecca provides space for clients to process emotions, gain self understanding, and cultivate self compassion. Together, she and her clients build upon strengths and learn new ways to move through life’s most difficult obstacles.

Her hope is that therapy will provide a place for clients to gain insight and develop new tools to grow, heal, and realign with the things in life that bring happiness, health, and fulfillment.

Rebecca's areas of specialization include:

~Positive Psychology: strength focused to help to promote happiness and health

~Mindfulness: self awareness, emotional regulation, and self compassion

~Play Therapy : process emotions, develop coping tools, and build social emotional skills

~Behavioral: tools to improve a child's behavior, self-control, and self-esteem

~CBT: challenging and changing unhelpful thinking patterns and beliefs

~TF-CBT: trauma informed CBT interventions for youth and their caregivers

~Motivational Interviewing: strengthening motivation and commitment toward goals

~LGBTQ+ Informed: affirming counseling and the use of WPATH standards of care

~Grief and Loss: addressing unique needs when moving through one’s grief journey

~Family Systems: addressing problems in the context of the family unit

-Gestalt: holistic focus on the here and now to build self awareness and acceptance

Schedule a free 10-minute phone consultation or an intake session with Rebecca by calling (512) 400-4247 or emailing her directly.

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