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Sara Paterson, LMSW

Sara Paterson, LMSW is a counselor for childre, teens and adults. She is a trauma-focused therapist and helps clients with anxiety, depression and trauma recovery.
Not Accepting New Clients;
On Maternity Leave

Client Testimonials

Sara has over six years of experience working with children, adults and couples. Sara has a passion for working with survivors of childhood emotional neglect and narcissistic abuse, highly sensitive people, grief and loss, and chronic illness.

Sara has a warm, compassionate, and non-judgmental style. She has extensive experience working with trauma resolution, and helping both children and adults learn to cope with big feelings, and helps her clients find healthy coping behaviors for loneliness, depression and feeling discouraged about where they are in life . She draws from Enneagram work, Jungian psychology, and personality/career inventories and helps her clients learn more about themselves and come back home to themselves.

"Sara made me feel super comfortable and made me feel so comfortable to open up to her and even tell her things I have not told anyone. she made me feel safe and like I could get though the issues that I need to work on as a team."

"I really loved the approach that Sara took with me, I feel deeply that it will help me to resolve the concerns that I have/need to work on in order to help better myself."

"I just want to say that Sara is an answered prayer. This is my first time in therapy. It has been life changing and I’ve noticed such a drastic change in my health and overall well-being. I’m so very thankful!"

"Each session just keeps getting better and better. I’m so grateful for Sara and her care."

Sara gives her clients concrete tools to practice at home to help reach their treatment goals, including different strategies to cope with overwhelming feelings, how to talk with a partner when feelings are big, managing symptoms of PTSD and parenting strategies for parents who are struggling with their child’s behaviors.


In her work with the Family Studies Lab at the University of Southern California, Sara learned tools to work with difficult family dynamics and conflict resolution, strategies to build and enhance communication in dating and marriage relationships, as well as tools to increase resilience in adolescent and young adults. In building resilience, she will work with you to identify strengths, learn more effective communication skills, and mindfulness practices to experience greater feelings of well-being. Sara is currently working toward full licensure as a Clinical Social Worker. 



Schedule a free 10-minute phone consultation or an intake session with Sara by calling (512) 400-4247 or emailing her directly.

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