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Marriage and Couples Counseling

Are you finding your relationship doesn't feel the way it used to? Maybe there’s tension that you notice but can’t quite figure out, maybe the same conflicts come up over and over without any real resolution.  The romance that was once strong between you feels faded and inaccessible. You may be thinking, “I can’t go on in the relationship like this” and the next day you may be thinking, “we can do this if just give it time," or "everything's fine."


Perhaps you've known for a while that there were some areas of your relationship that needed attention, and you've found that it’s just not getting better with time and the things you've tried. You've read books or listened to podcasts, but you and your partner may still be having the same arguments over and over, feeling more disconnected from one another and maybe even sleeping in different rooms. Feeling like there's little hope for change and feeling unheard and misunderstood by your partner, you vent to friends or family members whose advice can make it all even more confusing.  At times you might think about a life on your own, or with a new partner, without the commitment that continues to hurt. 

Our lives as couples and parents are busy. Life can become so busy that we often have little time to actually invest in our relationships. You may find that the lingering feelings of disconnection catch up with you and without a therapist to help identify the challenges, guide discussions and teach new communication tools you lose hope that the relationship can continue. Or, some couples experience an incident like a bad fight or an affair that leads them to seek counseling as soon as possible. The catalyst that pushes you and your partner to seek couples counseling will be unique to you and your relationship. But regardless of how it happens, you know you need some help. 

The reality is all couples struggle with life after the honeymoon ends, and regardless of how perfect a marriage may appear, all couples go through difficult periods in their relationship. Both partners will inevitably grow and change over time as individuals and each partner must adapt. Parenthood is a developmental process that brings joy to some couples, but also increases conflict for many. Unanticipated caretaking responsibilities for aging extended family members can strain one partner and the stress easily spills over into the relationship.

How Couples Counseling Can Help

During couple's counseling sessions, your Georgetown Counseling and Wellness therapist will be observing how you talk to each other and help you assess where the strengths in your marriage are, and more clearly identify what the challenges are.  We will explore what is happening when conflicts arise or when you feel unheard or disconnected from your partner. Our therapists are trained in evidence-based techniques to help you hear and understand each other more clearly, and learn new ways to communicate with each other with trust and appreciation for each other's point of view.

We will talk about the impact of anger on your relationship, and how it affects each of you. We will also explore grief and loss, and the ripple effect it can have on relationships when unaddressed. We'll discuss family patterns when you were growing up as well as the current impact of extended family on the relationship. If you have children, we will look at how potential differences in your parenting styles may contribute to your sense of disconnection as a couple. We will practice, in sessions, taking breaks when needed, allowing each person an opportunity to speak and be heard, and breaking larger topics down into more smaller, more manageable pieces for discussion.

We help couples to identify their recurring patterns and the root causes of their difficulties.  When both members of the couple are willing to put in effort, it is possible to name their challenges, try new ways of communicating with each other, and then move forward together with a stronger relationship.

How Long Does Couple's Therapy Take?


We usually schedule weekly appointments at the start of couples therapy, although every-other-week is an option too when that works best for client's schedules.  As we continue our work together and the relationship improves, we will decide together when to spread out the frequency of our sessions.

You Can Create Greater Trust and Renewed Connection


Our therapists at Georgetown Counseling and Wellness can help you and your partner reconnect to build a stronger future together by helping you to see your current challenges more clearly and helping you to address these struggles. 

Schedule your free 10-minute phone consultation today to learn more about how couples therapy can help you reconnect with your partner.

Georgetown Counseling and Wellness therapists provide marriage and couples counseling , using evidence-based treatments including EFT anf Gottman Methos to help couples strengthen their bond and learn better communication and conflict resolution skills.
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