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"That which is created in a relationship can be fixed in a relationship."


-Murray Bowen

Family Counseling

Families often come to come to counseling with feelings of confusion and discouragement, wondering why family life feels so stressful and unfulfilling, and uncertain as to how to help improve the quality of the relationships. Families are complex systems of different needs, feelings and developmental stages of life. Each family also has its own life cycle, ranging from a marriage of two partners, birth of children, empty nesting and end of life. Along the way, family members can become stuck in the midst of life transitions, losses and misunderstandings of each other. At the heart of it all, families want to be able to trust each other, have fun together, and feel connected. 

Sometimes families get stuck in old belief patterns based on assumptions of one another's thoughts, feelings and intentions. Members may approach each other from place of mistrust and hurt, increasing anxiety and leading to emotional distance. 


Our clinicians work with families to help each member feel heard, process losses, heal from personal and familial traumas and learn skills to improve the overall well-being and functioning of the family. 

Happy Family
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