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Session Fees 

Session Fees are as follows:

  • LPC, LMFT or LCSW therapist with more than 5 year's experience post full-licensure: $160 for a 55-minute individual or couple's session.

  • LPC, LMFT or LCSW therapist with less than 5 year's experience post full-licensure: $145 for a 55-minute individual or couple's session.

  • LPC-Associate, LMFT-Associate, or LMSW Therapist: $125 for a 55-minute individual or couples' session.

  • We are not in network with insurance panels except Aetna, but we do offer a Superbill for potential out of network reimbursement. We can accept HSA and FSA cards too.

  • Payment is due at the time that services are rendered.


Good Faith Estimate

Clients who are not using insurance are entitled to know how much services cost ahead of time (a good faith estimate).  This estimate of the cost of services can be given to you when you inquire about setting up an appointment.    For more information visit




Like many Mental Health Professionals, we have made the decision to not accept insurance. We feel there are conflicts between the goals of the insurance companies and the needs of our clients. We want to offer session times that we believe best fit the needs of our clients, rather than insurance companies telling us how much time is appropriate.

Additionally, insurance claims require a medical diagnosis, even if one doesn’t exist. This can affect or limit your future insurance coverage and may inhibit certain employment opportunities. Your private information, even under new privacy policies, may be required from the insurance company for reimbursement. This may be helpful in the event that you are ever sued and medical records are subpoenaed. You may be able to claim mental health as a medical expense tax deduction.

We have tried to make our treatment prices as comparable and affordable so that treatment is obtainable to all that need it. We do accept checks, cash and all major credit cards.

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