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Farah Asghar, LMSW

Farah Asghar, LMSW provides counseling for teens, adults and couples. She works with the Muslim population as well. She provides counseling for depression, counseling for anxiety, counseling for grief and loss, trauma treatment and marriage and couples counseling.
Accepting new clients for day, evening and Saturday appointments

Farah is passionate about helping clients who are struggling with their identity, past traumas, stress management, and anxieties. She understands that seeking help can be difficult and strives to make the therapeutic experience as calming and grounding as possible. Farah believes that every person has numerous strengths to draw from when working on improving their relationship with themselves or others, and she takes an approach of highlighting those strengths. She has a warm, compassionate and person-centered approach with her clients and meets each client where they are at. If you're ready to make a change, or even if you're on the fence, she would love to work with you.

Farah received her Master's in Clinical Social Work at Columbia University and has professional experience in schools, community mental health centers and within the child welfare system. These experiences have given her a broad exposure to working with clients from many different backgrounds. Her identities as a South Asian, Muslim, first-generation American has given her true empathy, understanding and an additional skill set to help meet the needs of those communities. 


Farah looks forward to fostering a nonjudgmental, safe space for you to feel truly heard and cared for. Farah has a particular interest in working with maternal mental health, and helping women in all stages of motherhood. Farah can help you to establish boundaries with family or coworkers, and work on people-pleasing tendencies. She can also help teens and parents to communicate more effectively with one another. She is patient and compassionate as she works together with each client to help them live authentically. Farah enjoys being able to help couples resolve their communication issues and discover a deeper connection. She has experience with individuals who have anxiety or depression and has helped them to improve their mental wellbeing. She highlights the strengths each client already holds to empower them to be their best selves and live their best lives.


Farah works with teens 13 and older, adults and couples. Her counseling approach is cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness-based, and includes cultivating self-compassion and coping with anxiety and depression. Farah is skilled and experienced in working with clients from many different backgrounds. She is trauma-informed and has a particular interest in helping her clients resolve trauma, particularly trauma related to identity development and cross-cultural issues. Farah is fluent in Hindi and Urdu. Sonia Edwards, LCSW-S, LCDC, SAP is her clinical supervisor. 

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