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Starting Therapy Is an Act of Courage & Our Service Update

In light of the current pandemic, we would like to assure the Georgetown, Texas community that even during these uncertain times, therapy remains accessible. Georgetown Counseling and Wellness is still open to new and existing clients via our HIPAA compliant telehealth system. It takes great courage for someone to reach out and ask for help, and for some, therapy is greatly needed right now. With this in mind, we remain committed to providing our services.

In today’s post, we share and acknowledge the importance of owning our story, and embracing change. In this way, we can find new meaning and value in our lives. We also dedicate some time to explaining what telehealth is, how it works, and the many benefits of receiving therapy in this way.

“Every human is an artist. And this is the main art that we have: the creation of our story”
- Don Miguel Ruiz

When a Person Starts Therapy It Is an Act of Courage

When a person starts therapy, it is an act of courage. The risk involved with being vulnerable and looking inward seems smaller than remaining stuck in a loop of self-defeating thoughts and feelings. Over time, we form stories about ourselves, our families and our world. These stories may have fit at one time, and may have served to keep us comfortable.

Over time, our stories can hold us back from having more of the life we want, whether it be a better relationship with a spouse or child, making more friends, having a more enriching career or making a move to a new city. The list could go on and on.

Sometimes our stories are formed during a time of chaos and loss in life. When that happens, our stories may have been cloaked in a fear of being vulnerable, being rejected, or trying to rescue others. As life goes on, our stories need to change and grow. When we resist change, our energy gets lower and depression can settle in.

When we realize that the author of our life story is not someone outside of us, but that we ourselves are each our own authors, life can begin to change in some very positive ways. Therapy can help by supporting and encouraging you to work through the stuck stories to find new meaning, new beliefs about yourself and new ways to live life.

The Benefits of Accessing Teletherapy

Our main concern with switching to telehealth is to lower the chances of our clients and staff getting sick. During this pandemic, we want to make sure our clients receive quality care without worrying about becoming infected from a person or surface at our offices.

We would like to assure you that telehealth at Georgetown Counseling and Wellness is HIPAA compliant, meaning confidentiality is highly protected, just as if you were physically in the office. Teletherapy is also easy to set up and use. We use a platform called GoogleMeet, which can be downloaded to any device. We recommend using a larger screen or computer if possible though for a better audio and visual experience.

With telehealth, you can stay engaged in your therapy in a convenient and flexible way. There's no commute to and from your appointment, which saves you time, fuel costs and the hassle of running into traffic jams to and from your appointment. Without all the time spent commuting, you could use the extra time to practice self-care and some of the self-calming techniques we often work on in therapy.

Once you're signed in to your appointment, you can talk with your therapist in the comfort of your own home, office, or anywhere with enough privacy. You could even have your pet with you for the appointment!

With telehealth, there's no need to take extensive time off from work, since you can schedule a session during a break or right before or after work. There are also no childcare or eldercare issues, which saves time, money and worry about finding adequate care. There's also less waiting room time, meaning you can sign in for your appointment, and when it's over move on right away to the things you want and need to do.

At Georgetown Counseling and Wellness we provide a compassionate space for you to tell your story and fully acknowledge your reality, utilizing proven treatment techniques. If you would like to know more about our telehealth sessions over HIPAA-compliant video chat platforms, please don’t hesitate to reach out. (512) 400-4247.


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