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Tips for Overcoming Pre-Wedding Anxiety

A happy, smiling couple getting married in a backyard with trees.

Your wedding day is often said to be the happiest day of your life. You get to dress up, have a fairytale day with your best friend, and party all evening surrounded by your loved ones. 

No matter how wonderful this all sounds, it can also be very stressful from the time the proposal happens. There’s a to-do list of items. Logistics need to be worked out. It’s a financial burden that many are not often fully prepared for. 

What is supposed to be a joy-filled concept can quickly become a source of stress. Here are some tips for overcoming feelings of anxiety. 

Anticipate Your Anxiety

You know yourself better than most people. During the pre-wedding phase, you most likely know what subject matters will trigger feelings of anxiety. Is it budget? Is it your guest list? Are you concerned about certain vendors? 

Firstly, it’s helpful to anticipate what factors or moments have a higher possibility to turn stressful. By doing so, you can have a plan to make them more manageable, so high anxiety isn’t the outcome. 

Be as Decisive as Possible

When you have anxiety, control is a big part of triggers and flare-ups. Where weddings and planning are concerned, there are a lot of big decisions that need to be made. 

If you’re prone to having anxiety, or are starting to experience newfound anxiety, being decisive will be your friend. Of course, you’ll want to compare options and explore many avenues. Absolutely understandable. 

Don’t let yourself get stuck in an endless cycle of “what if…” or changing your mind. Have a decision-making deadline for certain tasks and once a decision has been made, don’t go back. 

Don’t Play the Comparison Game

Nowadays, weddings have transformed into having an anything goes mentality. What was once considered traditional isn’t for everyone anymore.

What works for you may not be someone else’s cup of tea. Things you see on Instagram may not be your idea of a perfect wedding. Playing the comparison game isn’t necessary and will only serve to kick anxiety into gear. 

This is your day and you do what makes you and your future spouse happy. Your opinions are the only ones that matter. 

Don’t be Afraid to Delegate

Sometimes pre-wedding anxiety can stem simply from the amount of things on your to-do list. It can feel like that list is never ending, and each item is important. 

Involve your trusted friends and family to help where they can. Delegate wisely, but don’t be afraid to delegate tasks. This will not only help curb some of your anxiety but also strengthen your relationships. You’re sharing something meaningful. 

Think Big Picture

One way to calm some of the anxiety you may be feeling is to shift your thinking to something bigger picture. All of this is going to be over before you know it, so how much of it truly needs to be stressed about? Are the things you’re worrying about going to matter to any of your guests? Will they matter to you a month, a year, or five years from now? If the answer realistically is no, then you shouldn’t be spending your precious time worrying so much about it now. 

Establish a Good Self-Care Routine

As with any form of anxiety, and under any circumstances, having an effective means of taking care of yourself will be beneficial. When you get into the groove of the wedding planning mode, it can be easy to put yourself low on the to-do list. 

Self-care routines are important to maintaining well-being. Find relaxing activities, schedule in you time each day, engage in creative outlets, engage in physical activity, and ensure your basic needs are being met amongst the chaos. 

Are you experiencing anxiety surrounding all things wedding-related? Contact us to learn more about coping strategies and counseling for anxiety.  


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